Functional Training.


The Pilates Firm specializes in Pilates and yoga. Through functional training people increase core strength, back stability and flexibility to achieve overall body strength and fitness that translate to activities in daily life.

It was founded by Wendy Stone in Walpole in 2000 and offers highly customized training sessions for individuals and small groups.



Wendy Stone

Wendy’s passion for health and fitness began early on teaching Aerobics at age 16. Over the following three decades, she continued her education and career in personal training, physical therapy, nutritional counseling, cardiac rehabilitation and stress testing, and trained under renowned Yoga and Stott Pilates experts, Baron Baptiste, Rolf Gates, Richard Lanza and PJ O’Clair.  Her own results, and those of her clients, revealed how truly transformative Pilates and yoga are as part of a functional training program.

Because Wendy’s expertise span both Exercise Physiology and Physical Therapy, she is uniquely qualified to work with people that have a history of cardiac issues, orthopedic problems such as hip and knee replacements, and neck and back issues.  She’s able to evaluate how people move, identifying their strengths and weaknesses, and challenges them to work from the points of weakness to yield strength.

Wendy helps people achieve a wide variety of goals through Pilates in addition to overall fitness and wellbeing.  She trains recreational athletes such as bikers, runners and golfers, as well as professional athletes. 

Wendy has helped pro golfers achieve better hip and shoulder rotation to improve performance, and pro football players gain deeper core strength to help prevent injury.